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About US

“In your community, grounded on faith, moved by the love of Christ, fed at the Eucharistic meal, sustained by the word of God, united in worship together with Mary, you will be, for one another, witnesses to the New Covenant.” (R L 46)


Montfort school Garratola since 1998 has been serving growing and we the brothers as a province and individuals have shown our presence felt in and around the district of Balaghat. Once again hats off to our predecessors who underwent a lot of struggles in the beginning stages. The brothers of the community sat together to prepare the community project in prayerful atmosphere and dialogue. The brothers in Garratola today continue the efforts in keeping up the vision and mission in their minds and are striving to reach the goals especially in the field of education. And we are proud to share that Montfort School Garratola is regarded as one of the best Hr. Sec.Schools on the basis of the public examination’s result in Balaghat District. we are happy to inform you that we are able to live up to charisma of the province. This year we are four along with new Brothers in the community.                                                                        MOTO: Love and Service


  • Our vision is to educate the children of Locality by quality education.
  • Show them the path to find themselves to stand on their own feet.
  • Excellence in academic is our prime concern.
  • Our vision is to see that every youth in and around us should be motivated to lead a good life with moral values.
  • To make them a leader in the society.
  • Full Service to the society specially the unemployed youth by sending them for vocational training.
  • To maintain an eco-friendly campus as already exists.


  • Our mission is to give maximum importance to the poor children and especially to Christians/Catholics with maximum concession in the school. This year along with the provincial we have decided to give free education to 20 Catholics in hostel and school. So that they will be encouraged. (CATHOLICS)
  • To strive for efficiency and effectiveness of our staff and the management.
  • To instill in them the leadership quality.
  • To build up the image of our founder’s charisma and to spread our mission and the growth of our congregation. (MONTFORT FEAST in PARISH/SCHOOL LEVEL)
  • Build up a fraternal community in the midst of the tribes and others who are around us.
  • Seminar on adolescent growth and development to make the students aware of themselves.
  • To give maximum assistance to the domestic helpers’ families especially educating their children and providing them with moral and financial support.
  • We collaborate with the sisters of Good Shepherd as they run a hostel for girls of our students.

Parents committee is formed for better function of school.


Garratola community is one of the farthest communities of our province. Last parish of Nagpur Diocese in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh border. Communication is still difficult at times. But a place of service where we can get a sense of satisfaction and contentment. This we are able to do by the help of province. I thank the provincial and councilors for their continuous support and help. Because of this, our service is recognized, appreciated, more than all, people of this area are benefiting a lot with our presence. Even our Bishop also always praises Bros’ wonderful work that we are doing in Garratola.

Serve and strive for excellence