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Community Members

Community Members and Responsibilities

        Bro. David Indwar – Local Superior, Principal and Correspondent, Vehicles.

Bro. Sanju Armo – Vice-Principal, Bursar, warden, Teacher, farm.

          Bro. Kishore Reddy – Teacher, Asst Warden, Games, Asst In-charge EM.

         Bro. Wilfred Ekka Teacher, Asst Warden, Procurator, visitors, Games, chapel.


• We the community members would be transparent and accountable.
• Monthly statement will be brought to the community dialogue.
• We must check and balance and be careful in all kinds of expenses.
• Any major expenses must be brought to the community and try to live a simple life style.

Social concern

Help the poor students financially by giving concession/free mainly for the local Catholics.
• Extra classes organized for the weaker students by the teachers.
• Giving the students value of Eco- friendly life.
• Visit the villages and find the unmotivated students and motivate /encourage them to go to the school.
• Child rights committee is implemented.
• Internal complaint committee is formed.
• RED CROSS, NSS, laudatosi, club is formed for social awareness.
• We have been trying to plant enough trees wherever necessary in the campus.
• Special classes are arranged for weaker children’s.
• Tuition classes arranged by diocese in villages.